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With over 8 years of teaching experience, Dean Lauderdale's passion for music and performance greatly reflects that upon his own students. He understands how important it is to discover what motivates and inspires an individual, and does so in a fun & friendly manner.

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As a vocal coach, Dean works with many styles of music including pop, rock, jazz, classical, and musical theater. He has been successful in preparing his students for public performance, auditions, recording projects, and recitals. He believes "training one's ear" is very important when it comes to singing, as it betters not just the singer's ability, but their musicianship. 


Dean's guitar playing is mostly influenced by classic rock and folk music artists like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Jack Johnson, and Mumford & Sons. Working with students in all levels, he especially enjoys working with students interested in songwriting.


As a piano teacher, Dean adapts to the learning style of each of his students and finds out his/her learning needs. He often uses video and audio recordings as a tool for his students to use while at home practicing. He has helped prepare his students for RCM exams as well as year-end recitals.



  • Since graduating from Humber College in Toronto, Ontario, Dean Lauderdale's dedication towards music production has grown immensely since his 4-song studio EP, Far Away From Home was released in 2012.
  • He has since worked on many projects of his own, consisting of a full-length cover album, a Christmas album, as well as his original material. His epic cover of the Game of Thrones theme includes a wide variety of instruments, which Dean plays all himself.

Summer Vocal Workshop

This summer, Dean will be working with Kathryn Parrotta - a local icon of choral music, arranging & composition, on their third year of Summer Vocal Workshop Sessions.

  • These summer sessions' main goal is to help young singers get a sense of what the studio recording process is actually like, as some have never done it before.
  • While under the guidance of Dean & Kathryn, these students work on a song of their choosing, focusing on interpretation and delivery and then later go through the process of a recording session.
  • After their time at the studio, they will have their very own song cover (or original song), fully mixed and mastered!

Far Away From Home

by Dean Lauderdale



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